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We're all kinds of awesome!


With over 35 years of service to our community and the world and "Service Above Self."


Five Avenues of Service

Within Rotary members have the opportunity to serve their club, vocations, the community and the world.


Hands on Service

Its not just about giving money - its getting down and dirty and digging it! Building better futures at home and abroad.



Its not all work and no play - in fact, its lots of play and fellowship activities.



Fellowship includes family and activities for our children and grandchildren.



Each week, at our Wednesday lunch, we provide a program with dynamic speakers on a wide range of interesting and important topics.



Our club members join 1.2 million other Rotarians worldwide in giving service, enjoying fellowship, working towards peace and eliminating poverty.


Rotary Club of Petaluma Valley:

aboutusA Society is measured not by how high it raises its citizens, but how low it allows them to fall. Unknown

Rotary offers a unique opportunity to give back to the community all communities. By combining our efforts with the 1.2 million other Rotarians world wide, or with the dozens in Petaluma, we can make a difference in peoples lives. We can provide help for those in need and create opportunities for those who strive to better themselves and their communities. Together we can chip away at intolerance, ignorance and fear.

Our vision for our Club, is to continue to grow Rotary and keep its Service Above Self creed by collaborating with as many like minded citizens as possible. Whether you join us as a member of Rotary, or as a friend to the world community; we will welcome your assistance and dedication."

Our Rotarians are volunteers, and our community service projects require the collaborative efforts of many people within our community.  Some examples of our club's tireless effort to improve our community are:

Back to School Clothes for COTS Homeless Shelter Children. The Club purchased back to school socks and gift certificate for shoes for the homeless children at the COTS (Committee on the Shelterless) Family Shelter. ; In the fall, we will give them a gift certificate for jackets for the winter ...more.

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